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Start with the computer case when you build your computer. It's the natural place to start.

When you select the computer case for a recording studio computer building you would want to keep the noise level down. No, I'm not
talking about bad vocal performances;).

Inside a computer there are a lot of noisy parts. Cooling fans (on the CPU, possibly on the graphics card, and maybe one in the case itself), hard drives, floppy disk drives and power supply.

All of these add up to a great deal of noise sometimes. There are

types of really quiet fans and hard drives, but these tend do be more


The cheapest way of reducing noise in the case is to isolate it.

Putting soft pads on the inside walls of the case.


Remember if you plan on putting pads in your case that it will make the case tighter and heat will build up faster inside. Make sure you have plenty of "breathing space" in the case if you're going to do this.


Another cheap way of reducing noise in the case is to place the case in another room. This might  be the easiest way to get rid of the noise from the case all together, but it requires longer cables for all your connected equipment, depending on how far away your next door room is.

If you're getting a case with a built-in power supply make sure that it's a quiet one. After all the power supply tend to be the most noisy part in the computer case.


Note on power supply:

If you're planning on buying an Intel P4 CPU you need a power supply with an extra connector for the P4 CPU, so keep that in mind whether buying a  case with the power supply built in or you're buying it separately.


The right computer case for you may differ depending on what you want exactly, but follow these action steps for noise reduction and you won't be annoyed by it in your recording studio environment.


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