External Hard Drives

Make Portable And Flexible Backups




Why would you want external hard drives? Just one more thing to take up space on your already cramped up desk right?


Well...I can think of several reasons why you would want external hard drives:


  • Portability - It gives you an opportunity of taking large amounts of files or software with you, wherever you go, and you can plug them right into another computer (external hard drives usually connects through the USB(2.0) or FIREWIRE connector, or both). This is why these hard drives commonly are talked about as portable hard drives too.

  • Backup - Burning backups to CDs or DVDs can be a tedious affair, if you have a large amount of files, and they stack up quickly, even DVDs which have more room. Much easier to have external hard drives that you can connect, make the backup, then tuck away again;). Some of them even comes with a button you can press and then it backs up all the files on your computer automatically.

  • Ease of use - External hard drives are much more easily installed than regular internal ones. You just connect the USB(2.0) or FIREWIRE connectors and the power cord and that's it. No head-scratching about which wire goes where inside the computer;-).


External hard drives  usually run at the same speed and with the same technology as internal ones.


The only thing to consider is if you have a lot of other equipment connected to the same USB(2.0) or FIREWIRE hub/card you might see a decrease in speed as your hard drive is sharing the hub/card resource with the other equipment.


External hard drives won't work well as your system/startup drive, but other than that they are good hard drives for any type of use.






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