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Computer Memory

A Simple And Cheap Road To Computer Performance




The computer memory chip is one of the easiest parts to install. It's also one of the most powerful improvements you can make to your computer without emptying your wallet.



If you're upgrading a computer, getting some more RAM as a first step can give quite a significant improvement.



There are several types of  RAM, but in this guide to build a computer for a recording studio we'll stick to DDR - RAM  which is one of the newest and fastest types to date.


Computer RAM is also a great item to buy online. It's simple and has a low cost of shipment, since its such a small item.



What you need to know when buying computer memory:


  • The speed and size of the RAM chip ( i.e. DDR PC2700 512MB512 MB computer memory stick or DDR PC2100 512MB512 MB computer memory stick ).

  • That it matches your motherboard (Important!!). The PCXXXX or XXXmHz number in the ram chip description has to match the description of your motherboard, where it explains what kind of computer RAM the board supports.

  • If using more than one chip DO NOT use chips with different speeds (i.e. PC2100 and PC2700), this might give you trouble. Chips with different byte sizes (i.e. 256MB and 512 MB) are all good though.

  • A general rule: Get as much as you can afford, or as much as your motherboard supports of computer RAM. When using your computer for heavy tasks like audio recording, your computer will be handling some heavy files in addition to the software and the lack of computer RAM may cause your computer to slow down, or even freeze and shut down.

  • If you're planning on installing 1 gigabyte of computer memory or more, I recommend you buy several 512MB chips, since 1 GB or 2 GB chips are VERY expensive. Note: make sure to have enough computer RAM slots on your motherboard.

  • Get brand name memory, since NoName memory usually has a higher chance of errors.

  • I recommend computer RAM from Corsair, Kingston, Crucial, Ultra, VIking, Premium and TwinMOS. Good and stable brands.


RAM is one of the cheapest parts in your computer, yet one of the most powerful. If you're upgrading a computer, the memory is the place to start.


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