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Welcome to the build computers page. It's goal is to help you out and be a resource to building your computer.


If the thought of building your own computer freaks you out, sounding overwhelming or difficult, don't worry. It's really like putting together a puzzle, with big square pieces;)



Why build your own computer? Can't we get them pre-built at the stores?


Sure we can. But there's a little issue about saving money here.


Build a computer with selected parts that fit your specific needs, and you would come out a lot cheaper than buying a regular desktop computer.


So it all comes down to two key benefits:

  1. It's way cheaper.

  2. You get exactly what you want. No unneeded parts.

The links below lead to pages with important information about each component you need to build a computer that has the power for use in a recording studio or any other high-demanding environment.


The links are ordered in a way, from top to bottom, that is natural when you build your own computer from scratch.


This guide will be frequently updated.



The Computer Case

Choosing your computer case which you are to build your computer in. Tips on how to reduce noise.



Choosing the motherboard. What you need to know about motherboards when you build computers.


Computer Processor

Information about the computer processor and how to get the right one for your needs.


Computer Memory (RAM)

Important things to know about computer memory (RAM).

Type, speed etc.



Storage space

Sound Card

An essential part of your computer audio workstation. We spend a little more time talking about the sound card here than in general computer building as this site is more about building a powerful computer for heavy recording studio work.


Wireless keyboard and mouse

Keep your desk tidy and the amount of wires down to a minimum. Some advice on keyboards and mice here.

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Build Your Own Computer Links and Resources

A collection of great sites to visit if you want more information about computer building.




Do you want more information about building your own computer?


Read one or more books about it!



Click here to browse books about how to build computers.




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