Recording Computers

Recording computers have to be very powerful  since high quality audio recording and mixing is a very demanding task for a computer system.

Traditionally, the type of desktop computer used in a recording studio environment has been the Mac. It's stability and ability to handle and use it's resources effectively has made this kind of computer a top choice among engineers and producers.

The best way to get the right workstation for your recording studio needs is to build it yourself and you can learn how to build computers here.

Pressed for time and need some real power in a hurry?

Check out this powerful Intel and Windows based Audio Desktop Recording Computer, or if you want to skip the whole fun of building your own home recording studio here is an entire expert built recording studio package. Both these products are available at This should give you all the power you need.

If you choose not to build your own computer nor buy a PowerMac this is what to look for to get the most out of a standard desktop or laptop PC as a recording computer:

  • Computer Processor (CPU) speed: As much as possible. Should be from 2.0Ghz and up for optimal performance.

  • Memory (RAM): As much as possible here too. At least 1024MB(1GB). Should be of the fast DDR or DDR2-RAM type.

  • Storage space, hard drive(s): A 120 GB hard drive with a speed of 7200 or more. Preferably a SCSI hard drive for recording. A slow hard drive can cause pops and clicks in the sound when recording audio.

  • Sound card: Perhaps the most important part in recording computers. Standard desktop computers rarely come with a good enough sound card for recording purposes. Although you're buying a complete desktop computer you might want to get a better sound card for better performance. Go here for more information on sound cards.

  • CD/DVD reader/writer: If making hard backups is important to you, find a desktop computer with a DVD writer. DVDs have many times the storage space of regular CDs. Recording computers should have a CD/DVD reader/writer of some kind so you can burn your recordings onto CDs (DVD readers/writers can also read/write to regular CDs). No matter what drive type it should have a CD read speed of at least 40X or more, and a write speed of 24X(regular CD burning speed) or more.

These are the most important things to look for when buying recording computers. The keywords are power, storage space and sound quality.



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