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Home Recording Studio Furniture

By home recording studio furniture I mean all the furniture that has something to do with your recording studio. Not your couch, nor your bed, although these might become part of the process after 16 hours sitting in your chair trying to straighten out that terrible mix.

Actually by studio furniture I mean things like recording desks, instrument and speaker stands, studio equipment racks.



Imagine your new recording studio where everything fits neatly in its own space and you won't have to dive through a pool of cables or tip your speakers over just to get to your computer cabinet.


It involves a little planning but it can improve the look and feel  and even the acoustics of the room to have the right furniture in your recording studio.


Recording studio desk

This will be perhaps the single biggest piece of furniture in your recording studio, and  the most important as far as studio furniture goes. This can hold your computer case, keyboard and screen(s), your mixer and even your studio monitor speakers on some of the models. More on the recording studio desk here.


Studio equipment racks

These are racks that contain your studio rack mount gear. They come in various shapes and sizes but all fit the same rack mount standard. Rack mount compatible gear can be almost anything: Effects processors, amplifiers, preamps, recorders, tuners, you name it. More on studio equipment racks here.


Instrument stands 

This includes for example guitar stands and keyboard stands or benches. Helps you protect your instruments while they're (not) in use.


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Recording studio chair

Then there's the matter of the recording studio chair. If you use your recording studio a lot this is the place where you will spend hours on hours.


This really is an important piece of your recording studio furniture. The main thing is that its comfortable of course.


You will get tired after many hours in your studio mixing and recording, but be sure that the chair is not to blame.


Having an ergonomic chair would be the best thing. A chair that lets your body rest in a natural position while you work.


Another important thing to make sure of is that it doesn't squeak. That might just kill your most important recording.


A sturdy, comfortable (preferably ergonomic) non-squeaky chair would be a good way of taking care of yourself during the countless hours in your recording studio.


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