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Guitar Stands

You do take care of your guitar don't you? Thought so. Many guitarists treat their guitar like (or better than) their partner. Guitar stands are one way of taking care of your guitar.


You do not want to put your guitar on the floor for people to step on, or next to a wall for people to tip over. Even if no one steps on it or tips it over it's not good for the guitar's neck and wood to be placed in those positions.


I've had that happen to me. I put the guitar on the couch and someone sat on it. Stupid I know. Well, lesson learned so I got a guitar stand. Now my guitar has its own place safely on the floor stand. A cheap and simple kind of stand. Like this one at zZounds.com


There are a few more types of guitar stands.


You can get the wall mount guitar hanger, a very simple construction where you can hang your guitar on the wall.


If you have many guitars in your recording studio you could get a full rack that can hold many guitars.


The most important thing to make sure of though, is that the stand is constructed in a way so that no sharp edges will touch your guitar. Usually the parts holding the guitar are coated with rubber.


Take good care of your guitar. It's a great instrument. It deserves a guitar stand.


Browse more low-priced guitar stands here at zZounds.com






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