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Studio Equipment Racks


Do you need a studio equipment rack? Well, if you have or plan on buying studio gear that has a rack mount standard, an equipment rack is nice to have. After a while if you get more and more gear it becomes essential, and then you can just mount the new equipment in an empty slot in the rack, not having to worry about where in the room to put it.


These racks  come in various shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they support the rack mount standard, so any rack mount standard equipment will fit into them. Some recording desks come with equipment racks or space to put the rack in.


So how to choose from the various studio equipment racks?

Well, you have to figure out what you need, and how you want it to look.


You will have to find out how many slots you need in the rack. This can range from 6 to 20+.


Do you need to move it around? Then you will need a studio rack with casters.


When you buy a studio equipment rack make sure it has good airflow as a lot of gear could build up heat in there.


Here are a few rack examples:


The OnStage 12-Space Rack Stand

This one is the about the cheapest type of rack you can find. It's not really a full rack, it's just 12 spaces of rack rail, and it hasn't got casters. But it has a very low price and it will do the job if that's all you need.




Quiklok RS510 10-Space Steel Studio Rack with Casters

This rack has 10 spaces and is a little more mobile as it has casters. It's still a quite simple construction and therefore also a decent price.




Quiklok RS513 14-Space Steel Studio Rack with Casters

Now this is a studio equipment rack. It's got the casters so you can move it around. The material is steel so it's quite sturdy.




Want to see more?

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