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Recording Computers

Powerful computers that will work great in a recording studio environment.

Build Computers

The recommended way to set up your computer when you build a recording studio. Build it yourself. It's much cheaper and you get exactly what you want. No more, no less.

            Computer Case

    What's important to look for in a computer case.Tips on noise reduction

            Computer Processor

            The importance of power in a CPU when building computers

            capable of recording high quality audio.           


            The part in your computer to which everything else is connected.

            Computer Memory

            Also a key element when building powerful computers.

            Internal hard drives

            SCSI hard drives for performance and quality recording.

            External hard drives

            Hard drives for portability and backup.

            CD burner, CD-media and CD burner software

            Information about the CD burner, compatible CD media and

              preferred burning software.

          Wireless keyboard and mouse

            Keep your desk tidy and the amount of wires down

              to a minimum. Some advice on keyboards and mice here.

            Build Computer Links and Resources

            A page with links to other great sites about computer building and

              computers in general.

Audio mixers

Hard to build a recording studio of some decent size without this key element.


A small guide to choosing the right kind of microphone for your recording purposes


A complete resource for guitars and guitar accessories.

          The Electric Guitar

          Information about the electric guitar and it's parts.

          The Acoustic Guitar

          Information about the acoustic guitar, it's history,types and parts.

          Guitar resources       

          Links to some good sites about anything guitar related.

Studio Monitors

How to choose studio speakers for your recording studio.

Sound cards

The sound card is one of the most important parts when you build a recording studio computer.

Audio recording Software

Recording software recommended by the author of this site.

Recording studio Furniture

Information on recording studio furniture in the terms of desks, racks and stands.

Recording studio desk

Recording studio desks and workstations

Studio Equipment racks

About studio racks equipment