Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Choosing a wireless keyboard and mouse can ease your working environment a great deal.

This is especially important in a recording studio situation or similar environments where you sometimes need to be in a different place than right in front of the screen and still have access to the keyboard or the mouse.

You can turn the screen to wherever you're located in the room and still have complete control over your computer's functions, even at a distance where a wired keyboard and mouse just wouldn't reach.

Another advantage of a wireless keyboard and mouse is the absence of wires in itself. This is especially important in your home recording studio which is probably "wired" enough as it is. Besides, your desktop would look and feel much more tidy with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Wireless keyboards and mice use most commonly either radio signals or Bluetooth technology for transferring the signal from the keyboard or mouse to a receiver which is connected to the USB or PS/2 port on your computer.

A wireless keyboard and mouse usually run on batteries or they come with a docking station where you can charge them. Battery life in this kind of equipment is quite long (depending on battery type and brand), from weeks to several months.



What kind of wireless option should you choose?

Wireless keyboard and mouse combo

A wireless keyboard and mouse usually come "bundled" together, and then they are often referred to as wireless/cordless desktops or wireless/cordless combos. These bundles tend to be a little bit cheaper than buying the keyboard and mouse separately.

wireless keyboard and mouse


This kind of wireless desktop is a little more expensive because it uses Bluetooth technology to transfer the signal, but by that it also gives you the opportunity to connect your PDA or cell phone through the same receiver.



So, now for the different types of keyboards and mice. There are several different types to choose from.


Different types of wireless Keyboards


"Regular" keyboard

The computer keyboard as we all know it. Recent versions have been improved though, with for instance multimedia and internet short cut keys.


Split-key keyboard (a.k.a. ergonomic keyboard)

These keyboards are designed for comfortable typing. The keys on the keyboard are split into two separate sections which are slightly angled towards each other allowing your arms to maintain a natural position while typing. This reduces the tension on your arms and shoulders.



Different types of wireless Mice


Wheel mouse

The regular mouse with a wheel. Suitable for most needs.


Optical mouse

This kind of wireless mouse uses an optical window instead of the common  mouse wheel to determine it's position. This is great when you think about maintenance, no lagging mouse pointer where you have to take out the wheel to clean it. It also shows better performance on surfaces that are too rough or otherwise unsuitable for a  wheel mouse.



A wireless keyboard and mouse is deeply recommended in almost any case.


Keep the wires down to a minimum.





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