Audio recording software

When you're based on computer recording, good audio recording software is essential. Software that don't use up all the resources in your computer, but still has the power to get the job done.


If you're building a recording studio my guess is that you are trying to make some real music, and you need software that can handle it.


You should look for audio recording software featuring:

  • Great quality, low latency, audio recording (16 bit, 24 bit or 32-bit-float at frequency 41000 Hz or higher)

  • Low latency midi recording (support for ASIO drivers)

  • Good mixing capabilities (i.e. multi tracking)

  • Good plugin support (VST/DX software synths and samplers, effects plugins)

  • Good Mixdown/Export capabilities (you should be able to export your final mix/recording to a high quality audio file which you can burn onto a CD, ship to a record company and get the deal of your dreams;))

In my opinion these are the most important things to look for in audio recording software.

I started out using Cakewalk Sonar at the very beginning, but at that point I felt somewhat limited by it. I'm sure it has improved since then(2001), but since the launch of Cubase SX by Steinberg, there haven't been any doubts about what was the main music recording software for me.

With Cubase SX and a few software synths and effects plugins I have everything I need to make high quality professional sounding recordings. It has all the good stuff I mentioned above and SO much more. It takes some time getting into and learning it all, but believe me its worth it.

Learn Cubase SX, which is some of the better music recording software, and you can record and mix with a professional feel, just like the pros do in the big studios.



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