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Recording studio desk

You can't really do without a recording studio desk of some sort in your studio. If you're the crafty type and got some time to spare you might build one yourself , or you could look into buying a cool desk for just that purpose.

A good tip is that no matter what you choose, make sure it is sturdy and solid, so it can bare the heavy load of your equipment. Also think of the material it's made out of and how it reacts to sound and vibrations. This might have an impact on the acoustics of the room.


If you don't want to think about things like that get a desk that has been especially made for the recording studio.

Many of the desks you buy can be customized, so they will fit your room and equipment needs.


For example you could get a center recording desk. And then you can build on it to the left and right depending on how much equipment you have or plan on having.


Of course these desks are too expensive if you're on a budget, but if you have the money and want a quality recording studio, buying a recording studio desk is highly recommended.

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