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This page contains links to great sites regarding building your own computer and lots of other stuff computer related.

Barebones Computer Guide Tips on Upgrading and Building Computers. Research and compare different types of Barebone Computers.

Computer articles Informative Computer Articles. Topics include Hardware, Software, Internet, I.T. Training, VoIP, Web Design and more.

Build Computers Our very own guide to build performance computers here at Learn how to build your own computer with my tutorials and pictures. It is fun and easy.

Guide to building a computer Build a computer following step by step instructions. Useful tips for CPU, Monitor, Motherboard, Printer and Notebook computers, details about selection of computer parts, LCD monitors, scanners and Laser printers.

Build Your Own PC A 27 step guide to building your own PC.

Building a computer An illustrated step by step guide.

How To Build A PC A Computer Building Guide. Shopping for Computers ? Searching for the best prices on quality brand name products? We have listed the top 10 Computer sites in online electronics. Electronics have never been so easy to order on-line! A site aimed towards those with little knowledge about what's involved in building a computer.

Dr. Ashen presents How to build a computer for almost no money at all. Build a computer tips. Site offering free computer repair help and other services. Learn how to build computers from cheap computer parts.

The Cheap Computer Parts Handbook An illustrated step-by-step guide to building your own high-quality cheap computer.

The Computers Place: Computer Hardware

Yahoo Directory's listings on how to build computers