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The Acoustic Guitar

                             The acoustic guitar and its parts



An acoustic/classical guitar resource page, explaining the types of guitars, guitar parts and other things you might want to know about this popular instrument.


Types of Guitars


According to the most common way people think about the guitar it can be divided into 2 main types:


Classical (Nylon-strung) Guitars


Used most commonly by classical and flamenco players. It's also popular among beginners since the nylon strings are easier on the fingers than steel strings.


Classical  guitars have a round, mellow sound compared to the steel string guitar.


Generally they also have a wider neck than other guitars, so keep in mind the size of your hands and length of fingers when buying a classical guitar.


Steel-strung Guitars


There are many types, shapes and sizes of these. But the two most common ones are the Dreadnaught and the 12-string Dreadnaught. This is the type of guitar most people think of when they hear the word guitar.



The Acoustic Guitar History..the short version


The guitar has in it's vast variety of forms and shapes existed for centuries and no one really knows for sure it's first origin.


The guitar resembling the modern ones we see today, began to take form in Spain during the 19th century with the work of Antonio de Torres Jurado, whom might be called the father of the classical guitar.


About the same time modern resembling steel-strung guitars were developed by names like C.F.Martin and Orville Gibson.


In the 20th century this guitar influenced just about any genre of popular music and was developed further with experiments on building materials (i.e. fiberglass).

Mid 20th century the electro acoustic guitar saw the light of day.




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